Chief scientist warns gunns do environment studies too often before deciding on policies

The report calls for scientists to be more open to outside research and to incorporate more research findings into decision-making, including using data from other fields into the design of decisions.

The report's co-author Professor Chris Green, chair of the Australian Institute of Earth and Climate Systems at Monash University, said some of the recommendations are still in need of review and that the recommendations would change over time, with the government still required to follow international standards.

It is already illegal in Australia to conduct research on humans and climate change in Australia's federal science infrastructure, due to research-driven policy decisions. But the current government has yet to take that step, which it claims will speed up the process.

The research review called for greater focus on climate change and human impacts on both the world's oceans and atmosphere as well as biodiversity and ecological systems.

While the report focused on the science community and climate change and how policies impact its role in public policy, it does suggest more funding be given to scientific research. The report also calls for the inclusion of information about the scientific method in policy-making, and for the development of a new National Research Infrastructure Act with a comprehensive funding plan, to support new research.

It said the Australian government also need to implement policies that provide a stronger incentive for scientists to take on new projects, such as the creation of a new National Research Infrastructure Authority to create a mechanism to fund new research in particular fields. This could include new funding requirements for research at state or local government levels, for each field, or even the federal government.

The report suggests the policy environment around new research is complex and requires significant new data, especially data on public policies such as the carbon tax and mining funding.

The researchers hope that the review will help develop the "research-policy-public" dialogue in Australia.

Professor Green said scientists often did the same research without much data and then presented the findings to political parties, believing that the policy would not be affected.

"The problem is sometimes people try to take science outside the scientific community - scientists who don't think that science is important because the political process can affect the scientific community - which doesn't make sense, or they do that to get a piece of paper, and then they end up with their study as a political paper. The whole process is messy," Professor Green said.

Climate scientists have repeatedly warned Australia's science, and the world's in particular, must consider a public policy that was based on sound science but which was not driven by politics.

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Union says construction work threatens water quality

The company is using a new design with more advanced welding technology, a change that's causing problems for nearby residents. It's also putting new restrictions on access to nearby streams and rivers, forcing some to choose a less-sustainable method of fishing.

For decades, the area where a proposed pipeline might be built has drawn tens of thousands of visitors, who can't see it unless it's covered by some kind of barrier and some kind of guardrails are placed to prevent the flow.

But this particular pipeline project has a new purpose.

In late 2014, the Bureau of Reclamation began testing a new type of pipeline designed to separate water from oil from wells near the project. This is called a "streambed auger" or a "streambelt auger," and the company is testing a second option – an underground natural gas pipeline under the old pipeline.

The company estimates that up to 2 million barrels of oil a day could flow through this part of the project, or as much as 300,000 barrels daily. At times, the spillage has reached three times the official state estimate of total volumes of oil released.

"That's a very huge spill," said Ron Johnson, a professor of geography and natural resources at San Jose State University.

Johnson says there are several significant problems with the pipeline, including a need for new materials, which in some places are only just beginning to appear in the U.S. market. It's also likely to cause new water-pollution problems, potentially increasing the overall impact.

"It's something that a lot of people would say should be left in the riverbed and not built on top of it," Johnson said.

Johnson says the spill has drawn tens of thousands of visitors to his home state of California, one of the world's top oil producing states. That could result in water pollution that's far larger than any the state has been subjected to in history.

The impact has raised significant questions about what can be done to protect the environment in the region, which has produced more than $20 trillion worth of oil and gas since the beginning of the industrial revolution.

"You're putting your life on the line to protect what is essentially sacred in our land and that means it has to be done right and properly," said Richard Shoup, a professor of civil engineering and engineering practice at San Jose State. "You can't get around that by putting something like this in the middle of a river that flows out of the San Joaquin Valley."

Environmentalists also point to similar spills that occurred in other parts of the country that happened as part of pipelines over time.

"I think it has created enormous concern," said Andrew


Child prostitute case prompts law probe

"I've had no knowledge of this before," he said. "I've heard nothing."

Merritt also declined to explain the nature of the relationship with the women that the sheriff said he's in the process of investigating.

The sheriff added that he has reviewed many cases involving the same defendant and no evidence indicates any "inappropriate relationships or behavior."

"I'm not saying one or two are involved but it's a whole case," he said.

The Sheriff's Office investigated the prostitute case in October, and it wasn't until Thursday that prosecutors announced an intent to charge the woman who was convicted of capital murder.

The office has not indicated if it is aware of other cases that have not reached the same outcome.

"This particular case has been fully investigated, we have reviewed the case, we feel there's evidence that would help us convict a person who actually killed the victim," McMiller said.

He also declined to say whether the woman's boyfriend may be in the same situation.

McMiller said if a person is convicted of capital murder they are often sent to prison for life.

"There may be some opportunities, or at least opportunities that I'm aware of, where we can potentially deal with (criminal charges) in a way that would mitigate the impact of the crime," he said.

A judge recently postponed the execution of the woman convicted of capital murder in connection with her previous criminal history.

McMiller said that while his office has been "very aggressive" in its pursuit of other capital murder convictions, they have not resulted in deaths and those victims were not "forgotten in this case."

"If we had gotten the capital murder conviction, we would certainly have the life sentence," he said.

Geraldine M. Clark, the attorney for the victim's family, said her family is deeply troubled by the news.

"It's like the end of a long and painful journey," she said. "We really want justice to be done."

Foi papers reveal assault on hunter taxi driver by trainees at Vodafone train station and on a local bus station

Vodafone has dismissed the allegations against the two trainees, saying they 'appear to be genuine'.

In what is seen as the latest abuse incident by trainees from Vodafone India, a 25-year-old trainee on Saturday accused the company of assaulting and sexually abusing him on one of its trainee buses in Coimbatore in July.

According to the complaint filed at Coimbatore police station, trainees of Vodafone India allegedly assaulted and abused their female colleague on the Vodafone India train in Coimbatore in July.

The complainant, identified as Kunal Kumar, has alleged that he and his colleague were going to Vodafone India's Panchkula office when they got a phone call from the office that they were being targeted by trainees. The complaint, filed by Kunal, stated that he and the employee were picked up by one of the trainees and taken to a taxi while he was taken by a cab belonging to another trainee, whom he later identified as Arjun Kaur.

He said that he and Kaur, who was his companion, were taken to a mobile phone booth where they were allegedly assaulted.

According to the complaint, Kunal's complaint further alleged that after Kaur and the other passengers got taken to the mobile phone booth, they got told that they were being subjected to 'unnatural activities and degradation'.

In another incident, the complainant alleged that he and another female trainee, who is also a trainee at Vodafone India, were picketing a local taxi driver to get the taxi stopped because the driver did not want to take passengers to the Vodafone booth that was being used for picketing.

Kunal, Kaur and their friend were reportedly assaulted and assaulted by trainees who asked them to move further away, the complaint said.

Vodafone India did not confirm the allegations in the complaint.

According to the complaint, the complainant alleged that the cab driver also assaulted the employee and the other female trainee while picking up the employees. The complaint stated that trainees were also allegedly making threats to their fellow employees who were protesting against the alleged harassment.

In another incident, Kunal, the complainant and another female trainee went to a hotel where they were allegedly assaulted by Kaur, who is said to be a friend of one of the trainees.

In another incident, a 21-year-old trainee allegedly went to Kavinapuram from Coimbatore on a train with two other trainees on Monday evening.


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